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Almost 50% of referrals to the Kidz Clinics come from various Family Violence, Child Protection & Sexual Offences Police Units (CPUs) around Johannesburg. Provincial Co-ordinator, Superintendent Andre Neethling, is on record saying that the Kidz Clinics are the preferred choice of the South African Police Services (SAPS) for the following reasons:

•    Receiving and managing children in a child-friendly environment
•    The comprehensive treatment provided, including forensic medical examinations
•    Free treatment, victim safety and easy accessibility of the clinics
•    Excellent case management
•    Kidz Clinic Doctors are experienced witnesses in court, often resulting in successful convictions

The Department of Education, together with individual schools, refers a significant number of cases to the Kidz Clinics.  Inclusion Specialist for the Department of Education, Tinka Labuschagne, says that it would be impossible for her to perform her role without the Kidz Clinics - and the growing number of abused children would simply “fall through the cracks” without WMACAs comprehensive facilities. 

Mr Sean Summers, CEO Pick ‘n Pay Group, says:

“One of the primary motivating factors for Pick ‘n Pay’s involvement in the Kidz Clinic projects is the targeted, efficient and effective way in which Women and Men Against Child Abuse deals with this most tragic of circumstances, for if we are not committed to our youth, we have no future.“

Message from Mr Mthobi Tyamzashe, Executive Director – Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs, Vodacom Foundation:

“As a vibrant business operating in the South African economy, Vodacom has a responsibility to contribute to the wellbeing of communities from which we draw our business in a manner that builds a sustainable South African society.

We do so by working in consultation and partnership with government and communities to best meet the needs of our people and ensure that our contribution is made in the areas in which it is most required.

Vodacom believes that our citizens require a safe and non-threatening environment in order to reach their full potential. In particular, children need such a milieu to grow and develop into mature adults, able to take their rightful place in our society and economy.  When a child is abused, whether physically or emotionally, his or her ability to flourish is severely hampered.

Vodacom fully endorses and supports financially, the work of Women & Men Against Child Abuse.  We urge readers of this brochure to also join forces with this organisation to stamp out the scourge of child abuse from our society.

The author John W Whitehead said that children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. Our challenge is to build a healthy environment in which our children can become the fruitful messages that a sustainable future requires.”

Mr Clem Sunter, Chairman of the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund, says:

“Support this more than you support anything else.”


Kidz Clinics

Alexandra is a crowded township adjacent to Africa's financial capital. The Kidz Clinic is strategically situated behind the New Alexandra Police Station. more...
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The Duduza Kidz Clinic is a satellite clinic located in the Far East Rand where unemployment is chronic. more...
Orange Farm
Orange Farm is a sprawling township surrounded by informal settlements south-west of Johannesburg. This semi-rural settlement experiences one of the highest rates of unemployment in Gauteng. more...
The Pretoria Kidz Clinic is situated in Menlo Park. more...

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