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Amongst our many other achievements, our advocacy on child abuse issues has been instrumental in raising public awareness. By breaking the silence surrounding the sexual abuse of children and highlighting inadequacies within government structures, WMACA has made great strides and effected positive change in many areas.

Some notable examples include the exposing of one of the most shocking child prostitution cases in Brits in 1998, where a mother and stepfather were accused of forcing their three daughters aged 7, 13 and 15 into prostitution. We organised protests outside the Brits Magistrates Court during the lengthy trial and six men were arrested and charged subsequently.

A hard-hitting protest aimed at the justice system was organised in 2002 outside the Johannesburg Magistrates Court. Protesters held banners emblazoned with the words “Blood on the Hands of Justice”. The purpose was to express outrage at a) the low conviction rate of child abusers, and b) the unacceptable length of time from beginning of trial to sentencing, in child abuse cases. The campaign was extensively covered in the media.

Many media campaigns have been initiated by our organisation. In 2000, together with Dr Karin Muller, Head of Procedural Law at Vista University, we highlighted the unsatisfactory court procedure employed for child abuse cases, and the need to implement specialised courts around the country. Another successful media campaign was undertaken with the Democratic Alliance in 2002, entitled Handcuffed by Government and Red Tape. This concerned the fact that Child Protection Units were severely understaffed and lacking in resources. A fact-finding mission followed, and a number of units received additional resources and manpower as a result.

In 2006 we again joined forces with the DA regarding the disbanding of the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Units of the SAPS. (Previously the Child Protection Units.) We held press conferences and interacted with other advocacy and child abuse groups to voice our dissatisfaction with the non-consultative manner in which the relocation of FCS officers was handled by the governing bodies within the SAPS. This issue is still ongoing and we are determined to ensure that child victims of abuse are not detrimentally affected because of this badly planned move.


Kidz Clinics

Alexandra is a crowded township adjacent to Africa's financial capital. The Kidz Clinic is strategically situated behind the New Alexandra Police Station. more...
The Boksburg Kidz Clinic is the flagship clinic situated in a quiet street close the the CBD. This industrial city and its environs are deeply affected by the recession and rising unemployment is placing strain on families and communities. more...
The Duduza Kidz Clinic is a satellite clinic located in the Far East Rand where unemployment is chronic. more...
Orange Farm
Orange Farm is a sprawling township surrounded by informal settlements south-west of Johannesburg. This semi-rural settlement experiences one of the highest rates of unemployment in Gauteng. more...
The Pretoria Kidz Clinic is situated in Menlo Park. more...

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