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Women and Men Against Child Abuse is an organisation committed to fighting for the rights of the child and to end the abuse of children in South Africa, by striving to form a multi-faceted, dynamic and aggressive offensive against any form of abuse.

Who We Are

Women and Men Against Child Abuse was founded in 1997 as a Non-Government, Non-Profit Organisation. It is a Section 21 Company and is recognised by the South African Revenue Service as a Public Benefit Organisation with Section 18A tax exemption status.

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The spiralling increase in incidents of child abuse in our country necessitated the provision of specialised child-abuse facilities, as well as the introduction of preventative programmes to break the complex cycle of abuse.

The cycle of abuse is such that it has a domino-effect, and the number of people whose lives are affected by just one incident is immeasurable. This proves very costly to society in general, as child abuse can have a profound impact on the emotional, behavioral, cognitive, social, and physical development of children. In some cases this results in lifelong loss of potential, and chronic mental and physical health problems.

Our first Kidz Clinic opened its doors in Boksburg in June 2000, and the Kidz Clinic in Alexandra was opened in December 2003. With funding from Pick 'n Pay our third clinic officially opened in Orange Farm in May 2006. The Kidz Clinics are one-stop child-friendly centres providing free medical and psychological treatment for children who have been sexually, physically and emotionally violated.

The Kidz Clinic also features a replica of a real-life courtroom, where children who are required to testify against their perpetrators in court are introduced to the legal system by court preparation officers. Here, simulated court sessions are held, during which children are prepared for court procedure. This important process minimises their fears and prevents secondary trauma to the child.

By identifying the need to introduce effective measures to prevent the abuse of children, our organisation introduced three preventative and support programmes that deal with education, rehabilitation and counseling.

Women and Men Against Child Abuse has been extremely outspoken in its offensive against child abuse. The organisation has also been instrumental in raising awareness, which has led to growing public support. By breaking the silence surrounding the sexual abuse of children, and highlighting the inadequacies within government structures, the organisation has made great strides and effected positive change in many areas.

Board of Directors

  • Director & Founder            Miranda Friedmann
  • Executive Director             Kevin Barbeau
  • Operations Director           Vincentia Dlamini
  • Chairman                         Selwyn Nathan
  • Treasurer                         Dianne de Bruin
  • Company Secretary           Jane Hopper
  • Director                           Lindiwe Maseko
  • Director                           Laurence Hodes
  • Director                           Emy Casaletti-Bwalya
  • Director                           Peter Upton
  • Director                           Andrew Mthembu
  • Director                           Ralph Ririe
  • Director                           Janyce Dalziel


Kidz Clinics

Alexandra is a crowded township adjacent to Africa's financial capital. The Kidz Clinic is strategically situated behind the New Alexandra Police Station. more...
The Boksburg Kidz Clinic is the flagship clinic situated in a quiet street close the the CBD. This industrial city and its environs are deeply affected by the recession and rising unemployment is placing strain on families and communities. more...
The Duduza Kidz Clinic is a satellite clinic located in the Far East Rand where unemployment is chronic. more...
Orange Farm
Orange Farm is a sprawling township surrounded by informal settlements south-west of Johannesburg. This semi-rural settlement experiences one of the highest rates of unemployment in Gauteng. more...
The Pretoria Kidz Clinic is situated in Menlo Park. more...

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